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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

High School Principal as a homophobic bully...are we serious?

Been a while, so I figured this was as good a time as any to post something. I just read/watched the story about the high-schoolers trying to establish a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) at their campus, and apparently a straight ally was wearing a shirt with signatures of those who favored it because the administration had blocked their petition from the start. This principal then decided that it was appropriate to physically and verbally assault and harass this straight ally, after clearing his current classroom. Pretty fu**ed up if you ask me. Here's a rundown from a fellow blogger/newsie/anti-hate online activist Addicting Info: high-school-principal-bullies-gay-student-activist. Just for kicks, here's the link to the video news report from local news station WBIR10 story, in case you'd like to check it out and haven't already.

I wrote him an email, and cc'd a few folks in the administration at his school as well as from the local school district. I'm posting the email I wrote him, and at the end I'll include his contact info, as did Addicting Info. Here's what I said:

Aloha Principal Moser,

I would like to keep this short and sweet, since hopefully you are receiving a great many emails about your anti-humanist view of your students, but I don't want to act like you. So All I will tell you is that your position as a principal at a school teaching children (a public school no less, which is supported by a state government and is a place meant to be free of bigotry and hatred regardless of religious beliefs), implies that you are a responsible adult. This implication is obviously false, given your treatment of a current pupil who dared to speak the truth, and even wear it on his clothing.

I believe you are in need of psychiatric and psychological help. Your obvious disillusionment with what someone else's sexuality is supposed mean, is intriguing in a primary educational leadership figure. I would imagine that having as much responsibility as you must, you would develop a sense of responsibility to your students to set a positive example for dialogue, discourse, respect, and acceptance. Instead, it is clear that you do not possess the mental capacity to lead an educational institution, and as such I would hope you would at long last show some dignity, and seek the proper amount of help for your social illness: hate and fear of children who attend your school. I would also suggest that while you are in treatment, you might consider either formally stepping down from your position as principal, or at least a leave of absence. No one who is this worked up and willing to gay-bash a student in their care should be around children, especially when it is obvious that you are willing to harm children in your care. Sure, the student in question is a teenager, but that does not give you any freedom to act as though he is your personal verbal and physical punching bag. 

Please consider my advice, and if you do decide to stay in your official position as principal, I would only ask that you remove yourself from contact with any and all of your students, since any of them might be at risk for victimization from a school official they have been told, over and over again, is only looking out for their best interests.

Be well and enjoy a speedy recovery from your hatred of high school kids,


His contact info: Maurice Moser: moserm@monroe.k12.tn.us